Lumina is a metallic viscose and polyester yarn, that contains a metallic thread that is lacquered with SINFLEX® in a vacuum.  The special composition of the protective lacquer enhances the brilliance of metallic yarn ensuring it’s durability over time.



Care & Washing

Wash by hand in warm water and mild soap or detergent.

Rinse thoroughly in running water.  After washing lay on a flat surface and remove excess water with a sponge or a towel without twisting the garment.  Allow to dry naturally.

Iron at low temperature by covering the item with a white cotton cloth.

How to Use

Lumina is a wonderful shining bright yarn suitable for crocheting and knitting, you can also use Lumina with knitting machines.
Lumina is perfect for making elegant accessories such as scarves, clutches, sweaters, jewelry and fine home decor.

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