Handy Art.425


Handy is the new DMC tubular yarn. It is mixed well into a 2 cm tall wool, light and soft to the touch.
Handy has the ideal thickness to be worked with the technique of 'arm knitting and to obtain a final result from the full texture.
The weight of the coil is the precise weight to achieve around the neck, this will make it possible to realize a finished garment using a single skein.
Available in 8 range of colors.
The ball 150 g contains 125 meters of yarn.


- 20% wool - 35% hypoallergenic polyamide microfiber - 45% hypoallergenic polyacrylic microfiber.
This pack consist of 4 colors : 06 purple, 08 vert, 07 bleu, 10 corail

Care & Washing

Garments made with Handy should be washed by hand and not to be ironed, by washing the yarn does not drop and, therefore, the head will keep the original size.

How to Use

Want to make your first head knitted by hand? Buy a ball of Handy and follow the video tutorial DMC!

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